Ralph & Cindy Vogel

Lead Pastors

Welcome, friends!  

We have been blessed to serve at the Heights for over 28 years. We raised our family at the Heights and built a community together that was fun and full of the Presence of God.

That is our heart. Not only to grow in the Lord but provide an environment that meets the needs of the whole family. Creating an atmosphere where we worship sincerely and love each other deeply is at the core of our beliefs. Practical Biblical teaching and Spirit-filled anointing makes for a church that is relevant and power-filled.

We love Jesus at the Heights and want to help others love and serve Him too. If you are looking for a loving and genuine church home, check us out. We suggest that you come for several visits and get to know us a little. We want you to feel at home and we want to get to know you. 

We just recently discussed with our leadership how they would describe the Heights and here are a few distinctives; Non-denominational, Personal, Family oriented, Missions minded, Jesus lovers and Worshippers.

We hope that you will prayerfully consider visiting us. If you want to discover what it is to have a relationship with God, we can show you how or if you are looking for a church family that helps you to grow in the Word of God you will.


Pastors Ralph and Cindy