God loves you.  He has purpose and a great plan for your Life.

Often, the realities of our lives don't reflect God's perfect purpose and plan.  But as we journey together, we can develop a vibrant, life changing relationship with the Creator of the universe. 


Our Journey Begins with jesus

Jesus died on the cross so we can have a restored relationship with God.  Accepting what He did is just the beginning of our journey following Him.

Alternate Fire

We Welcome the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is alive and active, and should be working in and through our lives as we follow Jesus.  


We build on God's Word

The Bible is God's word.  It's a guide book that provides instructions to help us to successfully follow Him and complete our journey here on earth.

Praying Hands

Prayer Releases Change

God wants us to talk with Him.  He cares about our needs and concerns. We need to share them with Him, then listen to what He has to say.


We commit to Family

We believe in the Biblical concept of family.  But family is more than just blood relatives.  It's the people in our local church and fellow travelers from around the globe who are on this journey with us as we  follow Jesus.

Medical Clinic

We journey toward Wholeness

We all bring hurt and baggage with us. But that was never God's plan.  Transformational healing and wholeness come as we intentionally follow Jesus. 


We live our faith By serving

Serving others proves that our faith is real. Jesus did it, and if we are following Him, we should be doing it to - in our church, our community, and our world.

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Base Camp gives you the opportunity to meet our Pastors, learn about our history, and begin to explore the core beliefs of Church at the Heights.

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Join us for next Steps

Next Steps is a six week class that explains the biblical doctrines and values that make us who we are in Christ at the Heights. These classes are open to anyone who has completed Base Camp (Follows the 10 AM Service).

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